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I was given a call back by Sandy...when I needed someone the most.

During our consultation, not only did we have a plan to recover from my mastitis but after hearing that I nursed my first born for 20 months, she said it was her mission to make sure I was able to with my second. A wave of emotions came over me as she said those beautiful words. Shortly after, she helped coached me to latch him on.. VIRTUALLY!

Fast forward to a week later.. today. It’s been day three where my son does not take bottle during the day...It has been 5 long weeks since my son has been born and the past three days could not have been possible without Sandy. She continues to follow up with me and I feel the love and passion she has for mothers. It’s so beautiful to see that in an LC and I am forever grateful for the support and guidance she has given me since day one. I can confidently say that this is only the beginning to my breastfeeding journey with my son and I am looking forward to what lies ahead for the both of us.

Whatever issue or concern you are currently facing with breastfeeding.. Don't hesitate to contact Sandy.

– Maria

Sandy/OC Breastfeeding was so incredibly helpful on our breastfeeding journey! After a very long, strenuous labor with an early baby, my milk took almost two weeks to come in and then, once it did, was a clinically low supply. Sandy was there every step of the way to help us supplement in the early days until we were eventually able to successfully breastfeed. With Sandy's help, our little one (now 3mo) gets 95% breastmilk and takes over half of that directly from the breast! There were so many times I wanted to give up, but thanks to Sandy, we were able to continue our journey and have the successful breastfeeding relationship I dreamed of. She was always patient, professional and understanding and I can't recommend her enough!

– Alyssa Jean Via Facebook Review

My first baby was a preemie, she didn't have the ability to suck or the energy to breast feed. After only 3 weeks of using a hospital grade breast pump my milk dried up. I felt like a failure and am convinced that my daughter would have had less significant health issues her first year if she was able to have breast milk for longer than a few weeks. When our second baby also came early, he too had a hard time breastfeeding. For the first two months he was either tube fed or bottle fed. I was positive my milk was going to dry up just like last time until I started consulting with Sandy. It was because of Sandy's knowledge, encouragement, and determination for success that I was not only able to keep my milk via breast pump but I am excited to say that I am now solely breastfeeding! My son and I owe Sandy our deepest gratitude for all of her help, thank you Sandy!"

– K.T.

I love Sandy. She helped me with my twins a lot. She is very professional & always responds immediately. Answer all my questions over the phone and at home visit. Very gentle with my babies. I am lucky to have someone like her around.

- VV

Sandy was amazing! She was very thorough about getting my history and developing a plan of attack to continue my breast feeding journey when I was having trouble with a drop in supply. She was also readily available if I had any questions after the consultation. Loved that she followed up at the end of the week to see how things were going and make sure we were on the right track. She also rents scales to do the weighted feeds do that helped me to make sure baby was getting enough by breast or if I needed to supplement. Happy to say my baby is eating completely off the breast with no supplementing! I highly recommend Sandy to help with your breast feeding journey!

– Amber Willis Via Google Review

I would not have two breastfed babies without Sandy. What incredible guidance and support she provided for me as an apprehensive, new mom. My first born was a preemie that required a feeding tube and some bottles, but despite the extra concerns and challenges, I was amazed with all the careful attention, coaching and customized techniques from Sandy, to get me and my tiny baby successfully on track with that special bond of breastfeeding. Almost three years later, an entirely different pregnancy and birthing experience with my second child left me with doubts and questions on how to achieve that crucial bond with my baby at the breast. Once again, Sandy made it all click. She provided the encouragement and essential tips I needed, right when I needed them most, she followed up and continued to check on our progress, and her gentle, loving ways combined with her expertise gave our family that gift of a second child that turned out to be a good little breastfeeder! We are forever grateful. Sandy is the best!

- Darcey B.

I was so exhausted and overwhelmed after our little girl was born and breastfeeding seemed so foreign to me! I appreciated all of Sandy's advice during those first bewildering days. I also needed her months into nursing to answer other questions here and there. I'm so thankful for all the input she offered. Sandy's experience, patience, and encouragement kept me "hanging in there" when nursing seemed frustrating or I felt like quitting. I am so grateful! Thanks Sandy!

– Elisa K.

...I am so glad that I found Sandy when I did as I truly don’t know what I would do without all of her guidance and help. Sandy has a wealth of knowledge from her education and experience of working as a lactation department at a hospital and later at a private practice. She is a true expert in the lactation field and explained things to me in a way that made sense. Moreover, Sandy listened to my specific situation and challenges, and gave back meaningful and actionable advice. After following Sandy’s plan for a few days, I was already seeing significant progress in what seemed like a lost cause. Sandy and I also handled everything remotely over the phone and by telehealth, which was a huge relief not to expose myself, my baby, or my household during the pandemic. Sandy made herself available at any time over phone and text, which was extremely helpful whenever I would have questions that came up in the process. Sandy also offered supplies for rent such as the Medela scale, to ease any uncertainty of how much milk my baby was transferring. Working with Sandy felt like I had my own personal trainer or coach to guide me through a challenging and unfamiliar experience...

– Anna Garabedi Via Google Review

Thank Yous & Credits

Thank you to my husband, Powers and children Jane, Mary Katherine and Ted for your support and constant belief in me.

Thank you to the lactation consultants in my professional life who mentored and supported me in my chosen career.

Thank you to my clients who allow me the privilege of being a part of a very special time in their lives and from whom I continue to learn everyday.

This web site is dedicated to my friend Zelie who against all odds breastfed her 9 babies.

- Sandy Griffin