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Prenatal Educational Breastfeeding Consultation

The prenatal breastfeeding consultation is an educational meeting tailored to each mother’s individual needs and concerns. This 2 hour meeting discusses latch, positioning, making more milk, pumping, returning to work and much more! OCBC offers a 10% discount on the first visit when a prenatal consult is booked. This prenatal consultation is best booked in your second or early-third trimester.

Breastfeeding Educational Consultation for Mothers Expecting Multiples

The prenatal consultation is an educational meeting designed especially for mothers expecting multiples because mothers expecting twins or triplets have special needs. OCBC has years of experience helping moms of multiples. We can help you get started off right. This is best booked in the beginning of your third trimester. This consultation includes basic breastfeeding education and tips on breastfeeding multiples.

Initial In-Home Lactation Consultation

Initial 2-hour home lactation consultation after your baby is born: A complete history is taken, pre and post feeding weights are done and assistance with latch and positioning is given. A written plan is given to mom at the end of the visit. This consultation includes 2 phone visits after the appointment for follow up or questions.

Preemie Breastfeeding Consultation Package

Preemie package: This is a 3 visit package at a discounted rate. Infants who are born premature have special needs and often need follow up after discharge from the hospital. OCBC is experienced with helping preemies learn to breastfeed and helping moms build their milk supply. This package is paid for at the initial consultation.


Orange County Breastfeeding Consultants serve active military families with a discount for services.

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While breastfeeding may not be seen as the right choice for every parent, it is the best choice for every baby. - Amy Spangler

Customer Review

I was so exhausted and overwhelmed after our little girl was born and breastfeeding seemed so foreign to me! I appreciated all of Sandy's advice during those first bewildering days. I also needed her months into nursing to answer other questions here and there. I'm so thankful for all the input she offered. Sandy's experience, patience, and encouragement kept me "hanging in there" when nursing seemed frustrating or I felt like quitting. I am so grateful! Thanks Sandy!

– Elisa K.