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Orange County Breastfeeding Consultants offers these quality breastfeeding supplies directly to new parents.

Besides pumps, nursing pads and comfort gels, Orange County Breastfeeding Consultants offers other supplies from quality manufacturers including: replacement breast pump equipment, nipple shields, and supplemental feeding supplies. For information on supplies, please contact us today.

The PJ’s Comfort Pump

The only 1 ½ pound hospital grade that goes from hospital to home to work!
PJ’s comfort pump has soft-touch silicone cups that closely imitate baby’s suction action and rhythm.  The cups are always a comfortable fit. This hospital grade pump has a scientifically tested filter that prevents milk, bacteria, and viruses from entering the pump, making it approved for multiple users. The pump is small enough to fit into a large purse, brief case or back pack, making it perfect for work, school or travel. Available for rent or purchase.

Hygeia EnJoye LBI pump and accessories

The EnJoye™ Breastpump is a professional-grade electric/battery double pump that is designed for long-term and frequent pumping needs such as working mothers. The EnJoye™ is less expensive and lighter than the EnDeare™ and is ideal for battery-dependent pumping. Available for rent or purchase.


EPIBIEVE Nursing Pads

The only Antimicrobial moisture wicking nursing pad. The EPIBIEVE nursing pad was designed by a wound care physician for nursing mothers. With an engineered layer that quickly draws moisture away from the skin, the EPIBIEVE pads help prevent fungal and bacterial infections. The pads are washable and reusable and come in a variety of colors. They have maximum absorption and have a contoured shape to stay in place.


Ameda Comfort Gels

Soft hydrogel pads provide cool soothing relief of nipple pain or trauma. Ameda pads provide a moist healing environment that fits discreetly under a nursing bra. These pads may be used up to six days.

recommended reading

Orange County Breastfeeding Consulants recommend this reading list for expectant Parents. Click on the links below to review the books on


Working Without Weaning
By Kirstin Berggren, PhD, CLC

Your Child’s Self Esteem
By Dorothy Briggs, PhD

Mothering Multiples -  Breastfeeding & Caring for Twins or More
By Karen Kerkhoff Gromada, MSN, RN, IBCLC

The Nursing Mother’s Companion
By Kathleen Huggins, RN, MS

The Happiest Baby on the Block
By Harvey Karp, MD

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding
By La Leche League International

Breastfeeding Made Simple - Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers
By Nancy Mohrbacher and Kathleen Kendell-Tackett, PhD, IBCLC

The No Cry Sleep Solution
By Elizabeth Pantley

Parenting Solutions
By Joan Rice, BSN, RN

Caring for Your Baby and Young Child, 5th edition:
Birth to Age 5

By Stephen Shevlov, MD and The American Academy of Pediatrics

Amy Spangler’s Breastfeeding (2010 Edition)
By Amy Spangler, RN, MN, IBCLC

Recommended reading for Grandparents:

Orange County Breastfeeding Consulants recommend this reading list for grandparents. Click on the links below to review the books on

The Essential Grandparent – A Guide to Making a Difference
By Dr. Lillian Carson
Long Distance Grandparenting – Connecting with your Grandchildren from Afar
By Willma Willis Gore
Connect with your Grandkids – fun ways to bridge the miles
By Cheri Fuller
Grandloving – Making Memories with your Grandchildren
By Sue Johnson, Julie Carlson and Elizabeth Bower
The Grand Parents Handbook – Games, Activities, Tips, How-To’s and All Around Fun
By Elizabeth LaBan


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